Chick-fil-A comes in clutch for travelers stranded in Atlanta


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Chick-fil-A came in clutch (or cluck) Sunday for thousands of travelers whose flights were canceled Sunday amid a major power outage at Atlanta's Hartfield-Jackson Airport.

The fast food chain's locations normally remain closed on Sundays, both because of the religious beliefs of its founder and also out of a desire to make sure employees have at least one day of rest a week.

In a festive move, the company made an exception to its rule so workers could help those inconvenienced by the situation in Atlanta -- preparing and delivering thousands of meals to those stuck at the airport.

The gesture scored Chick-fil-A some praise, including a shout-out from Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, who noted more than 2,000 meals were served, and staff at the airport itself.

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