Animal Planet's 'Treehouse Masters' to build treehouse in Lynchburg

By Patricia Martellotti - Reporter

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - Who says trees are just for the birds? Not Pete Nelson!

The Animal Planet "Treehouse Masters" star is about to build a tree house at the Bella Rose Plantation in Lynchburg.

"I was called by the family to come in and build design create a treehouse that is going to be a honeymoon suite," explained Nelson.

It started with a request from owner Vickie Runk of the plantation who, like Nelson, loves tree houses.

"I never owned a treehouse, but always loved to get to the top point that I climb in willow trees," says Runk.

The Treehouse master says he's never built in Virginia before.

Nelson said he was not only attracted to the beautiful landscape of the plantation and its rich history but also the tall white trees which will be used for the build.

While Nelson and his crew get ready to start construction, he said it's expected to be complete in less than 30 days.

Runk says even though a regular building could have been built here, she wanted to get creative.

"But it wouldn't have that enchanted feeling you get when you're a little girl," explained Runk.

The plan is that in 30 days, you'll get to see a two-story octagon-shaped tree house for anyone to spend the night.

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