Search warrant reveals new details about possible suspect in fatal hit-and-run

By Rachel Lucas - Weekend Anchor / Reporter

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) -  A search warrant reveals police may have a suspect in the deadly hit-and-run crash along Williamson Road in Roanoke that killed a man on a bicycle.

24-year-old Max Brook, of Roanoke, was found in the 6900 block of Williamson Road on November 16, at about 1:23 a.m.

Brook was killed earlier this month as he was riding his bike in the Hollins area of Roanoke County. While it is unclear what he was doing in the area that night, Brook was an employee of a nearby Kroger where friends say he often rode his bike to and from work.

According to search warrants, police found evidence left behind at the scene including a headlight from a Toyota Camry.

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office passed along a tip to Roanoke City Police that the car involved was located on Piney Branch Road in Bedford.

Police have identified the suspect, but no charges have been filed. WSLS 10 will not publish the person's until charges have been filed.

The warrants said there was noticeable damage to vehicle. When police arrived, the vehicle, that fits the description from witnesses and scene evidence was covered by a tarp.

The suspect admitted to being in the area at the time of the incident and hitting an unknown object, but never stopping to check and see what it was.

The car and other items have been seized from the driver. The investigation is ongoing.

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