Spirit FM makes a difference one hand-written note at a time

By Lindsey Ward - Anchor

LYNCHBURG - (WSLS 10) - For many, hand-written notes are a thing of the past, but one local radio station is hoping to bring the forgotten art back.

Spirit FM started an outreach called "Love Notes."

Station staff set up a mailbox at local events and is asking people to write notes to different groups.

Recently turned-in love notes are being mailed to local National Guard members serving overseas in time for Christmas.

"It's today's world with so much technology and you can just so impersonally maybe send a text or a Facebook post or something, we wanted to bring something a little more tangible back, where someone can say hey, someone sat down took the time to fill this out, because they were thinking about me," said Lindsay Fitz, Community Impact Manager.

In December, Spirit FM will also set up at a concert to collect "Love Notes" for those living in a nursing home.

If you would like to send Love Notes, visit http://www.spiritfm.com/lovenotes/ for more information.


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