Tornadoes tear through the heartland Wednesday night

Comes on anniversary of deadly EF-5 tornado

By Jonathan Kegges - Meteorologist


Tornado Alley has been ground zero the past several days for destructive storms. More than 20 tornadoes were reported Wednesday night in Oklahoma and Missouri. Golden City, Missouri and its capital, Jefferson City took direct hits from large tornadoes.

The radar showed the iconic hook echo of a tornado-producing supercell as it approached Jasper, just missing the city of Joplin.

These destructive tornadoes developed on the eight-year anniversary of the deadly EF-5 tornado that tore through Joplin. More than 150 people were killed when the storm packing winds over 200mph moved through.

Joplin was under a tornado warning for a time Wednesday night, but as of early Thursday morning, no damage had been reported in the city.

The severe weather threat moves into the northeast Thursday.


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