Franklin makes landfall as tropics continue to heat up

National Hurricane Center increases forecast storm total

We still have about a month before we reach the peak of hurricane season, but things have already been active. Wednesday afternoon, the Atlantic basin got its first hurricane of the year as Franklin's winds topped the 75mph threshold.

Franklin made landfall just after midnight Thursday morning as a category one hurricane bringing intense wind and blinding rain to Mexico. Franklin is expected to be no more come Friday as the mountainous terrain of Mexico rips the storm apart.

There is another area of interest further west in the Atlantic and vacationers to the east coast should be paying attention to the development and track of this one.

As of right now all indications are the storm will get caught up in the Bermuda High, a large area of high pressure that routinely sits near Bermuda, and be flung out to sea. If this storm materializes, it could bring high surf and rip currents to the eastern seaboard.

Impacts are still up in the air as this now cluster of storms has to overcome a hostile environment before it can even get a name. The National Hurricane Center gives this area of disturbed weather a 40 percent chance to develop into Gert over the next five days. Wednesday the National Hurricane updated its pre-season forecast.

Locally, our weather will turn unsettled for the weekend as shower and storm chances return.

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