Warm Tuesday, but winter may not be done yet

Cold, snow showers possible Saturday


ROANOKE, Vs – Temperatures Tuesday will soar back to around 70 degrees even under mainly cloudy skies. Much of the area will stay dry, but a few showers will be possible later this afternoon. A cold front crossing the area overnight and Wednesday morning will stir up the winds and bring back better rain chances through the afternoon.


A stronger, Arctic cold front slices through the area Friday taking temperatures from the 60s Friday morning to the 30s Saturday afternoon.


A disturbance looks to ride along that cold front bringing moisture back to the region. The air should be cold enough for most of that moisture to fall as snow.


The cold front, acting as a highway for that system will stall just to our south. How far south that front stalls will be the key for snow Saturday. Stay tuned.

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