The week ends with record heat in the Star City

Don't count on this kind of heat lasting any longer

ROANOKE, Va – For the second straight day, temperatures reached the 90° mark in the Star City. Friday, that meant tying a 63 year-old record high. Earlier Friday morning, temperatures started at 63°, making for the warmest morning temperature on record.

Last year, we only hit 90 degrees once in the month of May. Already, we're ahead of schedule in the Roanoke Valley.

In fact, the start to May this year has been more typical of an early May in Tucson, Arizona.

Don't count on this lasting any longer, though. An area of low pressure rides along a slow-moving cold front and gives us the chance for rain both days this weekend. Saturday looks to be the wetter day of the two, with mainly scattered showers and storms on Sunday.

This comes as good news. Yes, rain on the weekend may be inconvenient for your plans. However, this will likely help the crews fighting Tye River Fire, which tripled in size in just a matter of eight hours Friday.

In addition, pollen levels will come down this weekend before rising again next week.

As Luke Bryan says, "Rain is a good thing."