Despite wet stretch, May still hottest on record

Also the second-wettest on record


ROANOKE, Va. – The first half of May was very dry, almost to the point of concern. As soon as May 15 arrived, things changed. Tropical moisture invaded the area, setting off rounds of very heavy rain and flooding. 

Now, this May is the second-wettest on record in Roanoke (so far). 


It's also been the hottest on record so far, which may be surprising. However, the increased amount of moisture in the area has led to very warm overnight lows. That, along with early 90 degree heat, is what has made this May very warm.

Let's not forget that before this wet pattern unfolded, we hit 90 degrees five times. That's something that's happened only three other times on record in the month of May.


Temperatures will stay unseasonably warm through the end of the week, with more tropical moisture on the way this Memorial Day weekend. For details on the forecast, check back here.

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