Summer heat, humidity come back into play

Things to keep in mind this summer

ROANOKE, Va. – Summer heat continues to be a big story for a large chunk of the country. Heat indices are in the triple digits in parts of the Sunshine State, with actual temperatures nearing the century mark in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Excessive heat is also being reported in parts of California. 

For us, the weather has been tranquil. It's about time. Heading into the weekend, we see the heat and humidity build back into the area. Highs Saturday will likely near 90 degrees for the sixth time in a month and a half. 

It's at this point that the black top and concrete get dangerously hot to your feet and to your pets' paws.


Even when it's not this hot, however, there is one other thing you should keep in mind. This is especially important for your kids.

A garden hose that's in direct sunlight, even at just 80 degrees, can turn very hot. Kids may not know to let the water flow before playing. Immediately spraying hot water at each other can lead to serious burns.


Among other things, seat belts can get very hot, as metal is a good conductor of heat. As we often tell you, you should never leave a child or a pet in a hot car. There have already been nine fatalities in 2018 due to this. Don't do it.

Instead, enjoy the summer warmth and the sunshine - - just do so responsibly and cautiously.

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