Near-record heat on tap next three days

Second heat wave of year starts Sunday


ROANOKE, Va. – You've heard it by now. It's going to be really hot from Father's Day into the middle of next week. The combination of heat and humidity will make things feel uncomfortable, with perhaps the most discomfort in parts of Southside. 

We are not alone, though. Much of the Southeast will be under a dome of high pressure. This strong area of high pressure will lead to high heat for most spots east of the Mississippi River.


We may have to dust off the record books, as high temperatures get close to records previously set in the 1940s. That will be the case as well on Tuesday.


With heat index temperatures approaching triple digits in spots, it's important that you use common sense. Over-exerting can lead to cramps and perhaps even heat exhaustion. 


Drink water, seek shade, take frequent breaks, check on the elderly and pets, and never leave a living thing inside a hot car. Already 10 deaths have occurred in hot cars in the U.S. in 2018. 

That's 10 too many.

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