LOOKING BACK: Tuesday the warmest June morning in 100 years

Temps only dropped to 77 degrees in Roanoke


ROANOKE, Va. – Heat wave number two of the year is coming to an end in Roanoke. While the string of 90-degree heat grabbed our attention, there is something else that's worth noting. 

Tuesday morning, the low temperature in Roanoke was only 77 degrees. In 106 years of data in the Star City, a low temperature of 77 or higher has only happened 18 times. 

In fact, this was the warmest June morning in Roanoke since 1918, when Woodrow Wilson was president of the United States and Babe Ruth was still a member of the Boston Red Sox.

Why was it so warm, then? In Tuesday's case, the air was super humid. The temperature can't drop very much when the air is humid, which is why we often see these temperatures in coastal regions. 

In addition, the wind was moving out of the west. When there's wind at night, the temperature has a tougher time dropping down than if the wind were calmer. 

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