Another heat wave possible later this week

Third heat wave of the year in Roanoke


ROANOKE, Va. – Kenny Chesney might relate summertime to "cheap shades and a tattoo and a Yoo-hoo bottle on the floorboard," but for us it's been all about the high heat so far. 

Later this week, a large area of high pressure will revisit the region to deliver a long dose of 90 degree heat that may leave you trying to grab that Yoo-hoo off the floorboard. All mid-2000s pop culture references aside, it's about to get really hot again by the end of the week.

Prior to that, we see slightly cooler temperatures each day. That will especially be the case Tuesday. Strong storms enter late Wednesday, before the heat cranks back up.


Let's face it. 90 degree heat is pretty common here during the summertime. We're just a hair ahead of schedule this time around in Roanoke. 


If history tells us anything, we have a lot more of this kind of heat to endure before summer calls it quits. After all, it did just start.

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