High heat and humidity dominate our weather this week

Third heat wave of 2018 in Roanoke

ROANOKE, Va. – After a break in the heat earlier this week, we're right back at it again. The thermometer will read 90 degrees and higher in many places, while the humidity will make it feel hotter at times.

The definition of a heat wave is three straight days or more of 90 degree heat. By that definition, we have already had two heat waves in the Roanoke Valley in 2018.

That also means that we average four to five heat waves per year in the Star City. This one in particular will last for about a week or so.

It's the humidity that will make the difference. When you combine the heat and humidity, the heat index, or feels like temperature, could pass the century mark. That's especially the case in Southside and even in Lynchburg and the Roanoke Valley.

We understand that it's summer. We know that it gets hot and that it gets humid. It has, however, been about a year since we've seen a heat advisory in our area. Areas around Southside and the Piedmont of Virginia may very well see one issued for Saturday through Monday. We don't anticipate any excessive heat warnings being issued. Last time one of those was issued in any part of our area was July of 2012.

Whether or not there's a heat advisory, this kind of heat and humidity can lead to cramps and heat exhaustion. That's if we're not taking care of ourselves. If you plan to be outside, be it working or playing, make sure you're taking care of the basics. Drink plenty of fluids. Take breaks. Seek shade. Spend some time in the A/C.

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