Lightning Safety Week wraps up Saturday

Currently in our average peak for storms


ROANOKE, Va. – Lightning Safety Awareness Week is a national effort that started Sunday, June 24 and lasts until Saturday, June 30.

Although storms are fairly common during the summer, it pays to be aware of how lightning behaves. In the last 60 years, we have averaged roughly one fatality per year due to lightning in the state of Virginia. Virginia averages 300,000 strikes per year. That's only 0.025% of what is typically observed worldwide.

We've posted a video of five ways in which lightning can strike you here.

Late June is our average peak of storm activity, although no storms are currently forecast for the next four to five days. Keep in mind, though, that any time it is hot and humid, storms can form and lightning can strike. 


Download the StormTeam 10 app, and sign up for alerts that let you know when lightning is nearby.

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