Warmest low temperature ever recorded on Earth set Tuesday

24 hour minimum temperature of 109 degrees


ROANOKE, Va – We are getting ready for another heat wave locally, but the air coming our way will feel cool compared to what folks in the Middle East just observed.

According to Dr. Jeff Masters of Weather Underground through weather records expert Maximiliano Herrera, the 24 hour minimum temperature Tuesday in Quriyyat, Oman only fell to 108.7 degrees. The high temperature that afternoon was 121 degrees.

That number won't be official since the World Meteorological Organization does not keep low temperature records, only high temperature records. The previous 24 hour warmest minimum temperature was 107.4 degrees set at the Khassab Airport, also in Oman back in 2011.

Oman sits right on the Gulf of Oman and therefore the temperatures don't drop much at night because it is extremely humid. It also helps that the temperature of the water is hovering around 90 degrees.

To put that in perspective, Roanoke's all time record high temperature, that's the hottest temperature ever recorded in Roanoke is 105 degrees! The hottest temperature ever in Roanoke is about four degrees "cooler" than the low temperature Tuesday in Oman.

The warmest low temperature for Roanoke is 81 degrees.   

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