June 2018 warmer than average, not record-breaking

Warmest June since 2011 in Roanoke


ROANOKE, Va. – After the hottest May on record in Roanoke, some of us may have been hoping for a change in June. While not a record breaker, June 2018 will go down as the tenth warmest on record in the Star City. It was also the ninth warmest and 13th driest on record in Blacksburg.

Multiple fronts that aligned themselves north and east of the Star City triggered tropical downpours to fall over the Highlands and Lynchburg. These are spots that saw a rain surplus. Meanwhile, parts of Montgomery and Floyd counties could certainly use a little rain after this month.


The good news, at the moment, is that we are not under any form of drought. We certainly don't want to stay dry for a lot longer. Otherwise, that may change. 


Rain chances are minimal, outside of a spotty downpour, the next few days. For the latest forecast, click here.