Periods of scattered rain, storms through midweek

More rain piles up east than west


ROANOKE, Va. – The advertised wet pattern is here, sparking scattered showers and storms Saturday evening and again Sunday. Looking ahead to our work week, we'll continue to see periods of scattered rain and storms. 

In a pattern like this, you more than likely won't see rain all 24 hours out of the day.

Notice how the wind arrows are coming in off the Atlantic, supplying us with somewhat-tropical moisture. This is what sets off these periods of scattered showers and storms. 


You can also see how the yellow and orange colors align themselves along and east of the Blue Ridge and out towards the Piedmont and coast. That's where we see more moisture available to produce rain.

That's why we expect higher rain totals to be along and east of the Parkway, with lesser totals west. Keep in mind that not all of this rain falls at once. This is the expected rain between Monday and Wednesday. 


We've been so dry up until this weekend, that flooding isn't necessarily a widespread threat. We see this as more of a localized threat, especially in urban areas where the concrete doesn't absorb the water like soil does. 

We also understand that the NRV Fair and Floyd Fest are going on this week. Luckily, the entire week isn't a complete waste. This wetter pattern does break up a bit heading into the latter half of the week. 


Be sure to stay tuned for updates on timing, totals and impacts of the rain that we see these next few days. Forecasts can change a little bit, and we will work hard to keep you updated to any changes that do occur.

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