Rare "moonbow" surprises local photographer

Photos reveal rare moonbow in Botetourt County

BOTETOURT, Va. – Rainbows are rather common in the summer months, as storms become back-lit by the setting sun. What happens, though, when the sun sets?

In rare occasions, you get a moonbow. 

That's what Jason Rinehart stumbled upon while chasing after a storm in Botetourt County around 1:30 Sunday morning. 

His post on Facebook has been shared more than a thousand times, as people take in his great photographer and nature's beauty.

This rare phenomenon happened as the moon's light passed through departing rain drops, just as what happens during the day. When the moon's light is bright enough, this nighttime rainbow can take shape. 

We're thankful that Jason has allowed us permission to share these photos and to explain a little bit behind the beauty.


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