All-time heat record broken in Japan

Temps have never gotten this hot in Roanoke


ROANOKE, Va. – Earlier this week, sweltering heat shattered the record books in Kumagaya, Japan. In fact, the high temperature of 106° is the hottest temperature observed in the country on record.

We have never recorded a temperature that hot in the Roanoke Valley. We've hit 105° in Roanoke three times in the last 106 years. This happened once in 1930, 1936 and 1983.

The last time we even got into the triple digits was in July of 2012. 

Meanwhile, things heat up for us a little bit as we break out of this cool, wet pattern. Thank goodness we're not talking about 106° heat.

"Closer" to home, folks in Palm Springs, California dealt with 121° heat Tuesday, breaking an old record of their own. Their overnight low temperature was 90°.

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