Triple-digit heat overwhelms parts of Portugal, Spain

Temperatures fell short of European record

ROANOKE, Va. – We're starting to feel more typical summertime heat in southwest and central Virginia. Thankfully, it is nothing like the extreme heat they've endured this weekend in parts of Portugal and Spain. 

Alvega, Portugal reached 116 degrees Saturday. That's one degree shy of the country's record. Europe's record high temperature came in 1977 when Athens, Greece hit 118 degrees.

Sixty percent of Portugal reached 104 degrees or higher Saturday, with Alvega reaching 108 degrees on Sunday.


This absolutely scorching heat extended east into Spain.

Madrid hit 102 Saturday and 100 Sunday. Their average high this time of year is in the 70s.

Seville, Spain got up to 107 degrees both Saturday and Sunday, while their average high is in the 80s.

This was made possible by an incredibly strong area of high pressure that migrated from northern Africa toward the west coast of Portugal. This created a dome of extreme heat and dry conditions.


Triple-digit heat is expected to continue for parts of Portugal and Spain through the early part of the week. Meanwhile, we'll be in the upper 80s and low 90s each afternoon Monday and Tuesday.

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