Florence wider than Virginia

Impacts how much rain, wind we'll see

ROANOKE, Va. – Yes, the track of Florence continues to go south. Still, we see the chance for isolated flash flooding this weekend through next Tuesday. One of the reasons why is that Florence is huge. As of 11 a.m. Wednesday, Florence's width exceeds 500 miles. 

Virginia, from say Wise County to Virginia Beach, is about 375 miles wide. 


You can see how, even with the farther southern track, we'll see impacts from Florence in southwest and central Virginia this weekend. 


Those impacts include tropical storm-force wind gusts (40 mph or greater) especially south of 460 on Saturday. Flooding is still a possibility, given the bands of heavy rain we could see between Saturday and Tuesday. 


Our rainfall forecast, as of mid-day Wednesday, shows the highest rain and flood potential in parts of the NRV and Mountain Empire Saturday through Tuesday. Still, it can't be ruled out elsewhere. 


We don't see catastrophic impacts like what was once modeled earlier in the week. Where Florence stalls and meanders will ultimately impact what we see here on the home front. Continue to check back with us for updates over the next few days. 

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