Harvey survivors give advice to those about to go through Hurricane Florence


HOUSTON – WSLS 10's sister station, KPRC2 reached out to its Facebook fans who went through Harvey and asked them to share words of wisdom to the multitudes who will be impacted by Florence.

The advice was extensive from people who know what happens when heavy floods barrage their communities.

Harvey lasted for days last year, dumping immense amounts of rain throughout Southeast Texas and damaging more than 200,000 homes.

Florence is expected to be giant rainmaker, also causing floods after it makes landfall.

Here are some of the many suggestions that poured in from KPRC2 Facebook fans:

  • Shane Anderson: "Take lots of pictures hundreds of everything. If you want to keep it take it with you and get out!! File your insurance claims immediately!!!!!! Or you will be at the back of a very long list! Don't fight your insurance company yourself! Hire a public adjuster immediately you will get twice the money to repair your house I did. And I am praying for you this is going to be really bad!"
  • Cindy Newberry Bohy: "Take all important documents with you. If you live in a two-story home, move as much as possible upstairs. If one story, place paint cans under furniture legs to lift. You can also wrap and tie trash bags around table legs. Remove all food from fridge. Unplug everything and shut off main power at breaker box."
  • Pam Carroll: "Put everything you cannot take in plastic trash bags and put up HIGH in closets or on the second floor, even the attic. take phone chargers, laptop chargers. If you have a desktop computer and cannot fit the tower in you vehicle, take the hard drive out or back up everything to the cloud. get a collar for each pet and a tag...even if it simply has your name, pets name, and your phone number on it. Take a few days worth of clothes, change of shoes etc. Personal hygiene items, medications. Let family/friends know you are leaving and where you are when you get there. During the storm and after cell service will be spotty. Text instead of calling. I am sure there are lots more, but this is basic stuff."
  • Tania Beebe Galloway: "Document everything you own. Protect family treasures (photos, heirloom quilts, whatever means the most to you). Love your pets - take them with you if you evacuate. Love and serve one another in the aftermath."

To see more of the suggestions from the vast response to our Facebook page post, click below: 


We've been hearing that Hurricane Florence will create a lot of flooding, something we certainly understand from Harvey. What advice would you give those in the Carolinas who will be impacted by Florence?

Posted by KPRC2 / Click2Houston on Wednesday, September 12, 2018