Wilmington prepares for the worst as Hurricane Florence barrels towards the Carolina coast

WILMINGTON, N.C. – You'd never know by looking at the beach right now that a hurricane is heading towards Wilmington, North Carolina, but there are clear signs of that fact all over town.

Some gas stations running out of gas, grocery stores running out of water.. and hardware stores running out of wood. 

10 News spent the afternoon with families preparing for the worst and boarding up their homes.

Many have brought their boats in from the water, cleaned up their yards so there's nothing the wind could pick up and stocked up on any food and water they could find. 

It's an all hands on deck effort here, with neighbors helping neighbors. 

Even local contractors coming in to help as many people as they can.  

"The contractor backed out on them last night about 11:30 and I contacted her this morning at 6 o'clock, and we've been rolling ever since," said Blake Lane, the owner of Carolina Custom Outdoor Solutions. "So we've been trying to get plywood, going to different suppliers, doing houses all from the beach all the way up around here. It's been hectic."

"We tried last night to get materials and we couldn't find them. Then this morning, we showed up at Lowe's at 6 a.m. and they said that they would have a truck and by the time we got there," said Neil Carlstedt, a Wilmington resident. "We were there and as soon as you walk in the door everything is already gone and they were hoping to get more trucks, but it all kind of getting stuck in the traffic."

About half the people in that neighborhood plan to stay and ride out the storm, but some say they expect that to change. They think only about a third will actually end up staying. 

There are no mandatory evacuations in Wilmington at this point, and all counties in this area have closed school today through the rest of the week.