Wilmington braces for Florence's impact as outer bands hit the coast

WILMINGTON, N.C. – 10 News has been in Wilmington, North Carolina for the past couple of days where the outer bands of Hurricane Florence are starting to hit the coastline. 

Wilmington is under a voluntary evacuation, while other areas closer to the water have been placed under mandatory evacuation. 

Even though the evacuation is voluntary, there are few people left in Wilmington as Florence gets closer and closer to making landfall. 

As of 6 p.m., the fastest wind gust 10 News was able to record was 20 mph. 

For those who have decided to stay in Wilmington, they have been told that it is time to shelter in place and brace for Florence's impact. 

Areas in the Outer Banks, such as Kitty Hawk and Duck, have been hit much harder than Wilmington because they are further East, sticking out in the Atlantic Ocean past other parts of North Carolina. 

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