September 2018 one of the wettest on record

Top 5 wettest so far for Roanoke, Danville, Blacksburg


ROANOKE, Va. – Between the rain from Florence and the rain Saturday night, a lot of us are "over" this wet weather. Blacksburg, Danville and Roanoke are having nearly historic Septembers, with regards to rainfall. Lynchburg has still been wetter than normal. 

This adds to a very wet year for many of us, especially on weekends it seems.

We've seen measurable precipitation this year, be it rain or snow, on 60% of weekends. In September alone, three out of our four weekends so far have been wet. 


Looking to the week ahead, showers will be more hit-or-miss Monday and Tuesday. Most of anything we see Monday will be light or drizzly in nature.

By Wednesday, however, a front marching towards the area will give us a good chance for late day/evening showers and storms. With such a wet ground, localized flooding may become an issue.


You have to think that this rain is good for the foliage, right? Yes, and no. Our wet spring and summer were good precursors for fall colors. Tropical rain this deep into the season is not what we want, though. 

We want to start seeing warm days and cool nights soon. Temperatures, both during the day and at night, will turn a bit more typical for us later in the week and this weekend. The bulk of colder air, for now, avoids our area and moves into the Plains/Upper Midwest.


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