Roanoke breaks unique rain record

This hasn't happened in the past 106 years.


ROANOKE, Va. – Parts of the area have seen a foot or more of rain this past month, with Roanoke coming close to that. Where the Star City stands out is that it has seen an inch of rain on five different days this month. 

Data, going back to 1912, reveals that this hasn't happened before in the month of September in Roanoke. This also holds true for cities like Buena Vista and Lexington. 

We looked into a few other towns to see if this record was broken. Towns that came close were Appomattox, Bedford, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Danville, Hot Springs, Meadows of Dan, New Castle, Rocky Mount and South Boston. 

Lynchburg has not had as many days with an inch or more of rain.

Luckily, the chance for this kind of tropical rain is very low for at least the next week. This should allow things to calm down, water levels to recede, and (hopefully) the fall colors to start popping soon.

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