Summer-like warmth returns to start October

It'll feel more like late August


Fall officially began a week ago, but Mother Nature apparently doesn't stick to the calendar. August-like warmth is set to return to the region this coming week. 

The jet stream retreats northward, implying that cold air will stay there and in the western U.S. for the time being. High pressure building into the southeastern U.S., meanwhile, will put our afternoon highs in the 80s again.

This is especially the case by the middle and later part of the week.


While not record-breaking, the temperatures we see in the afternoon will be roughly 10-15° above average for early October. 

If you look back to last year, a similar thing happened during the first half of October.


The Climate Prediction Center expects that this warm pattern will continue into the second week of October, giving our area an 80% chance of warmer-than-average temperatures through the 13th.


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