Tropical system developing; rain likely late next week

Storm would be named 'Michael'


ROANOKE, Va. – Since Florence, the Carolinas have spent a lot of time recovering from historic flooding. Meanwhile, a storm near the Yucatan Peninsula is worth watching for the Gulf Coast. 

The National Hurricane Center says that this storm is likely to develop tropical characteristics in the next two-to-five days, at which point it would be named 'Michael.'

How strong this storm gets is still up for debate. It has to get through quite a bit of wind shear, before it enters the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf is currently very warm, which could allow for some strengthening in the coming days.


Regardless of name or not, this system will likely be in a good position to send some moisture our way later in the week.

Showers, unrelated to this tropical system, will be on an isolated basis between this weekend and Tuesday. Late Wednesday, a few more showers may enter the area with Thursday and Friday of this week featuring the best chance for rain.


Exactly how much rain is to be determined, based on how where this storm goes and what shape it's in after moving through the aforementioned area of wind shear.

Once this system gets thrown eastward by a cold front, however, we could be looking at some real fall air next weekend.


We're talking temperatures that could be in the 60s and low 70s during the day and 40s at night.

Keep an eye on the forecast, especially later this coming week, as it will depend on the track and/or intensity of what could be 'Michael.'

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