Near-record warmth possible this coming Sunday

Break out the shorts and t-shirts for one day.


ROANOKE, Va. – Just Wednesday, we were breaking record cold highs. In just a few days, we could be breaking records in the opposite direction. 

Before we can get to Sunday's late September/early October-like warmth, we do have to dodge some rain showers Friday and Saturday. Neither day will be a washout, thank goodness.


Record highs for Sunday range anywhere from the upper 60s to low 70s (see top graphic). That's pretty much where we expect daytime temperatures to peak this coming Sunday afternoon. 

A big reason for this dramatic (and quick) warm-up is the jet stream retreating north. The jet stream is an area of strong winds around airplane level. Cold air resides north of it, and warm air resides south.

So the farther north the jet stream retreats, the warmer we get.


Don't count on this lasting very long. The jet stream will drop back south by Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (12/4 and 12/5). This spells colder weather for our region. After all, it is the beginning of December we're talking about.


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