Dry Sunday, before pockets of drizzle, rain settle in for New Year's Eve

Ending 2018 on a wet note for parts of the area


ROANOKE, Va. – Nearly 75% of the weekends this year have seen some trace of precipitation or more. Most, if not all, of us will go without rain this Sunday. We'll start with temps in the low 40s, and reach into the low to mid 50s by afternoon. 

Clouds thicken overnight, with some pockets of fog developing. That's as the wedge gets settled into parts of the region. We'll likely spend most of New Year's Eve in the 40s, with the exception being parts of the NRV and Southside. 

Temperatures actually rise Monday night, as the wind shifts from the southwest. As it does so, some more moisture gets added. This will lead to the passing of some scattered rain showers Monday night into early Tuesday morning.


Rain totals, generally speaking, should be about a quarter of an inch or less. Flooding is not a big concern. It will get pretty breezy at times, though, Monday night and Tuesday. 

This means some warmer air. Highs New Year's Day get into the low 60s for the first time since 2007.


That's when the high temperature in Roanoke was 64°.

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