First meteor shower of 2019 peaks tonight

Viewing not in our favor for the annual Quadrantids


ROANOKE, Va – There are a couple of things working against us for the annual Quadrantid Meteor Shower, which peaks Thursday night.

The biggest factor is, North America will be facing away from the shower during peak time. Folks across the pond will be pointed in the right direction.

The second factor, also a big one, will be the weather. The rain will be long gone, but clouds will once again be increasing as our next system arrives Friday.


The Quadrantids are notoriously known as having a very short window for peak viewing. If, however the peak is delayed, North America may be treated to more of the peak, but there will likely still be clouds locally. 


Even though the United States is likely to miss the peak, the states will still see the show, just not as spectacular. Again, all of that is dependent upon the weather.

IF we get lucky and get a few breaks in the clouds, you'll want to go to a dark place and find the Big Dipper. It will be low on the horizon, which is why viewing will be more difficult. The "best" time will be late in the evening. The meteors will be higher in the sky and more visible from Europe.


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