Warm this weekend, but bitter winter chill set to return mid-to-late week

Don't sleep on winter just yet. We've got quite some time to go.


ROANOKE, Va. – Despite the wind Saturday, temperatures have been fairly comfortable for early January. We'll stay pretty warm come Sunday afternoon, as highs reach into the upper 50s and low 60s. 

Don't expect to go breaking any records, though. Record highs for most of the area are in the upper 60s and low 70s for Sunday. Still, enjoy the warmth while you can!


We're on a bit of a temperature roller coaster this coming week. The wedge takes shape again Monday, keeping us locked in with colder air, clouds and perhaps some fog. Monday will be noticeably colder than Sunday. Tuesday features some warmer weather, as the wedge breaks. Then, the big cold front sweeps through. 


Come Wednesday and Thursday, we'll be dry. However, winter comes back to remind us who's boss this time of year. Accompanying the cold air is a strong northwest wind. That should make things feel colder at times each day, especially in the morning. 

This is something I first started talking about on my Facebook page three weeks ago. (No, that's not bragging. Just letting you know that that's another avenue in which we can keep in touch about the weather!)

The storm track looks to get a bit active by next weekend across the southeastern U.S. If we can keep some of that colder air around, we might be talking about some wintry weather in parts the area on Sunday, the 13th of January. 


It's far too soon for details on that, but it's something we'll watch closely over the course of the next week. Winter's not over just yet. We have 74 more days to go until the official start of spring.

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