Tracking another blast of Arctic air mid-to-late next week, following a calm weekend

Before then, the weather is uneventful.


ROANOKE, Va. – Before we can talk about next week's blast of very cold air, we need to tell you about the weekend. We think you'll find that to be more uplifting, so good news first!


Temperatures should be fairly seasonable, given a mix of clouds and sunshine. The only chance for snow showers will be Sunday above the 3,000 foot level. 



Come Tuesday, we will be tracking a very strong cold front. This front may have enough moisture with it to drop snow in parts of the area. 


While it's too soon to speculate on numbers, we can show you where we expect the better chance of impactful snow (a couple of inches or so). 

That chance, right now, is highest in the Highlands, parts of the NRV and the Mountain Empire. The chance for anything impactful decreases the farther east you go. 


We'll continue to monitor this system, and let you know if anything changes (ie. if the threat for accumulating snow shifts east).


Behind this front, we'll be dealing with (possibly) the coldest air of the season thus far. Just check out some parts of the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains, where they'll be dealing with wind chills below -40°.


It's unlikely that it will feel that cold here, but still - it's all relative.

Just how cold we get will depend on how far south the jet stream dips. The jet stream is an area of high winds around airplane level. The farther south that dips, the farther south the really cold air can come. 

SCENARIO #1: This scenario would still leave us really cold Wednesday through Friday, but would bottle up some of the more intense cold air farther to the north. 


SCENARIO #2: This scenario would bring the jet stream farther south, leaving most of us with wind chills below zero Wednesday and/or Thursday mornings.


We'll be keeping track of this very closely, as it could mean pipe-bursting, school-canceling cold come Wednesday or Thursday. Stay tuned for forecast updates on air, online, on social media and on the StormTeam 10 app.


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