Parts of the Midwest to feel 80-100° warmer by Monday

After brutal wind chills, some areas will see a dramatic warm-up.


ROANOKE, Va. – The brutal, and in some places historic, cold has stolen headlines across the nation this past week. The same places, however, that saw wind chills 30 to 50 below zero will feel 80 to 100 degrees warmer.

For example, Chicago's lowest wind chill this week was 52° below zero. Now come Monday, their high temperature will be roughly 50° above zero. Des Moines, Iowa will face a very similar situation. 

What's causing this seemingly-dramatic warm-up?

The jet stream, which plunged into the U.S. this past week, is retreating back to the north. The jet stream essentially separates colder air masses from warmer ones. So, as it goes back north - we and the upper Midwest warm up.


In fact, our lowest wind chill in Roanoke was -4° Thursday morning. Come Monday, we could see our high temperatures rise into the low 60s. 

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