Virginia wildfire season runs from now through April 30

Restrictions set on when and where to burn

ROANOKE, Va. – Wildfire season in Virginia runs from now until the end of April.

This means that burning is only permitted in the Commonwealth between 4 p.m. and midnight each day.

Specifically, it's not allowed if the fire is burning within 300 feet of brushland, woods or fields containing dry and/or flammable material.

You can find more information on this law here.

Phil Hysell, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at that National Weather Service in Blacksburg, tells 10 News that precipitation since last October has been well above the average. This would lead to lower wildfire risks initially. 

While the chance for wildfires is low for now, the Virginia burn law remains in effect. 

Long-range weather models, however indicate normal-to-below normal precipitation in March and April. Less frequent precipitation, along with a higher sun angle and stronger springtime winds, can lead to a higher threat of wildfires by then.

The Virginia Department of Forestry says that 95% of wildfires in the Commonwealth are human-caused, with most of that being due to burning debris. Spring can be more dangerous than fall, due to the fact that dry leaves from the previous season are already on the ground.

Dry, windy days are the worst for burning, so be sure to check our forecast daily for updates.

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