Impactful wintry weather likely late Tuesday night, Wednesday

Snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain all on the table.

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ROANOKE, Va. – Although we had a mixed bag of precipitation Sunday morning, we are looking toward more significant wintry weather late Tuesday night and Wednesday of this week. Numbers will be fine-tuned, but we more so want to talk timing and potential impacts with you.

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High pressure to the north will wedge some colder air into southwest and central Virginia, while low pressure from the south brings in the moisture. When colder air and moisture mesh, it's usually a good recipe for a winter storm.

It would not at all surprise us to see Winter Storm/Winter Weather alerts issued by the National Weather Service at some point Monday (24-36 hours prior to the system's arrival).


On December 9, we knew that everything that fell would be in the form of snow. This time, however, that's not the case. That's also not cause for celebration, as this storm could be messier. 

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