Rain continues Saturday, flood threat increases

Flood watch in effect for southwest Virginia

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A flood watch remains in effect for most of southwest Virginia through Saturday.

Streams, creeks and rivers will continue to rise.

Rain showers will continue throughout much of Saturday, and the rainfall could become heavy at times.

If you encounter flooded roadways, never attempt to drive through or around it. 

Temperatures Saturday will hover in the upper 30s and lower 40s.

Rain showers continue overnight and into Sunday morning. 

A warm front will swing through the region Sunday and it’ll bring a rush of warm air.

Sunday afternoon temperatures are expected to reach into the 60s.

The wind will pick up Sunday and it’ll be pretty strong into Monday morning.

The wind could gust up to 60 mph along and west of the Parkway.

East of the Parkway, gusts of up to 40 and 45 mph will be possible.

With a very saturated ground, the wind may down trees which could lead to more power outages.

Sunshine returns for Monday and highs will be in the 50s.

We are looking to remain dry through at least Wednesday and highs will remain in the 50s.

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