Family thanks God, community while recovering from weekend wind damage

Wind knocks large tree onto Giles County home


Southwest Virginia residents continue to clean up after high wind gusts lead to battered homes and widespread power outages. 


One family in Giles County is relying on their faith and their community, after a tree landed on their home Sunday night. 


Mountain Lake saw a peak wind gust of 60 mph, and the Little's live right at the foot. After Sinking Creek flooded their yard, Matt Little woke up to a scream late Sunday night. 



That scream came from his wife, as the tree crashed into their kitchen.


The tree, thankfully, was on the opposite side of the house from Matt, his wife, their four children and their cats. 


Little tells 10 News, “We really see it as God’s mercy. It could’ve fallen anywhere and if it was going to happen, it happened in the best possible spot.”


And friends of theirs had a move-in house ready for them to rent.


“We got a place to stay. People from the church have been bringing us meals.” “Another friend let us borrow his car because those got smashed too.”


When you walk into their home, among the damage lies a sign that reads "There is always something to be thankful for."


While the Littles recognize that it is easy to get down over something like this, it's the bonds they've built in the last ten years that have helped keep them calm.


“We have felt really blessed and really well taken care of”


What's next for the family? They're uncertain as to whether or not they'll be able to live in this house again. A tree service in Blacksburg is scheduled to remove the debris, so that their home can be assessed.


For now, they wait, but they have a place to stay. They also have a positive and refreshing outlook on a tough situation; one they feel will help them for what's to come beyond the storm.


Below are pictures we took of the home, with permission, while we visited the Little's Thursday afternoon.


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