Winter Weather Advisory issued for parts of the area Friday

Light snow accumulations will be possible

ROANOKE, – The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for areas west of the Blue Ridge Parkway through Friday. This is due to the chance for light snow accumulation, along with a few pockets of a wintry mix, through Friday afternoon. 

We'll walk you through some potential impacts, the timing of this event and the forecast snow totals as well.


This does not have the makings of a winter storm, since it's not coming in from the Gulf of Mexico. That's usually where we see our big 4", 6", 8"+ snowstorms coming from. 

Because of that, we see the threat for power outages being pretty low and the chance for shoveling being fairly low too (outside of the Highlands). 

Road temperatures are running very warm Thursday, meaning that it would take quite the heavy burst of snow for roads to deteriorate. Because snow will last longest in the Highlands, that's where we anticipate the potential for road troubles Friday morning and afternoon. 



The air at ground level Thursday has been very dry, meaning that it will take some time for the atmosphere to moisten up and for anything more than flurries to develop. 

So don't anticipate having a Macauley Culkin moment in the morning, where you look out the window to a Winter Wonderland. 

Snow, well after sunrise, should start in areas west of the Parkway. 


A mix of sleet, rain and snow will begin to fill into the Roanoke Valley by midday or shortly thereafter. This will last on and off through the afternoon Friday. 


Anything that falls in Southside will likely be in the form of a cold rain, with a few wet snowflakes here and there not out of the question.


The higher totals that we see (1-3") will likely be confined to the Highlands, as that's where the snow will last longest. Because of a higher sun angle, later arrival time and warmer ground, areas in white could see up to an inch. Keep in mind that doesn't guarantee an inch. That means anywhere from a dusting to an inch. 


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