Daylight, average temperatures continue to increase through April

Gain more than two minutes of daylight per day


ROANOKE, Va. – The bitterly cold start to April is just Mother Nature delaying the inevitable. Spring is here and over the next few weeks, these frigid mornings will become less and less common.

Over the next 30 days, average temperatures for much of the region climb into the low 70s. The region does average a pinch of snow, but other than a few stray flakes Tuesday, no accumulating snow is on the horizon.


After springing ahead a few weeks ago, it continues to stay brighter longer. By the last few days of April, the sun will set after 8 p.m. 65 minutes of total daylight will be gained through the month.


Planting will start to become common as most of the region will see the last frost/freeze over the next couple of weeks.

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