Fireball streaks across morning sky in Carolinas

It was reported around 6:50 Thursday morning

Courtesy: Jacob Holder - Lexington, NC
Courtesy: Jacob Holder - Lexington, NC

ROANOKE, Va. – Early Thursday morning, a fireball was reported in parts of the Carolinas. Unfortunately, we could not see it here in Virginia due to the cloud cover. 

A fireball, by definition, is a meteor that appears brighter than Venus. That's according to the American Meteor Society.

Jacob Holder took video of this fireball in Lexington, North Carolina. It didn't appear to be moving very fast (obviously it was), as it spent many seconds moving across the sky. 

WOW! Check out this fireball that streaked across the sky this morning in the Carolinas! Video: Jacob Holder MORE INFO HERE -> https://bit.ly/2FNtFaK

Posted by Chris Michaels WSLS 10 News on Thursday, April 4, 2019

It remains to be seen if a meteorite has been found at the earth's surface. That's when a fragment of a meteoroid or asteroid passes through the earth's atmosphere and hits the ground. 

You can keep up with the latest reports and trajectory of this fireball here.

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