Strong thunderstorms possible Monday afternoon, evening

High wind gusts, heavy rain main threats


ROANOKE, Va. – Most of the area has stayed dry Sunday, thanks to an abundance of cloud cover limiting any thunderstorm potential. While there may still be some spotty storms during the evening, Monday holds the better chance. (We've been saying that since the middle of the week.)

Monday also holds the better chance for a few stronger thunderstorms, especially near Southside. Just how strong any storms get will depend on the amount of sun and warmth earlier in the day. 

More sun and warmth = more potential for strong storms late PM and evening. (This is why Southside has a slightly higher risk of seeing strong storms.)

Less sun and warmth = less potential for strong storms late PM and evening.


Main threats with any storms that pass through will be high wind gusts and heavy rain, capable of producing perhaps a few power outages. This doesn't have the makings of a severe outbreak.


We'll have to watch to see if any spin develops in the atmosphere around Southside. If so, it's not completely out of the question that a brief, "weak" tornado develops near the NC-VA border. The threat, at the moment, is fairly low.


As far as timing goes, your morning commute looks mostly dry outside of maybe a brief shower near I-77. Otherwise, storms (if any) will be pretty spotty between 12 and 3 p.m. 


It's after that point that a cold front triggers more storms to move from northwest to southeast. These are the storms that could pack a punch and possibly impact the evening commute for a few minutes.


Because this could have an impact on your drive home, it would be a really good idea to download the StormTeam 10 app. If any warnings are issued, you'll get an alert. You can also check on radar and specify things to your location.


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