Break from humidity soon; then big time heat returns

Temperatures may near records by next weekend


ROANOKE, Va. – Tired of the heat and humidity already? You might want to head north toward Duluth, Minnesota. That's where they've seen snow Sunday.

Or you could just wait for a break in the humidity Monday night through Wednesday afternoon. Before then, however, we'll dodge a few pop-up storms Sunday evening and Monday afternoon. 

Not everyone will get wet Monday, as a front pushes through the region. The reason why we don't expect widespread rain/storms is that most of the energy with this system is focused farther north. 


As this front passes through, the humidity drops off for a bit. This should allow lows Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to drop into the 50s. Highs in the afternoon should still be able to reach into the 80s.


Then, the heat returns in a big way Thursday through Memorial Day. We're talking mid to upper 80s for the Mountain Empire, NRV and Highlands and perhaps some low to mid 90s for Roanoke, Rocky Mount, Smith Mountain Lake, Southside and Lynchburg.


Because we anticipate that kind of heat for at least three days, this could very well be our first official 'heat wave' of the season. Our first heat wave of 2018 came during Mother's Day weekend.

Storms, if any, during that time will be more of your pop-up variety storms. The only possibility for something more than that may be late Wednesday or late Thursday. That's if a complex of storms (like last week) can ride down from the Midwest and Ohio River Valley.

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