All-time heat records broken in parts of Europe

Paris hit 105° Thursday afternoon


ROANOKE, Va. – While we just got over a heat wave of our own, parts of Europe are dealing with one of historic proportions. A large dome of high pressure (pictured above) is camped out over Italy, sending in a wealth of heat to places like Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

On Wednesday, the Netherlands experienced their all-time record high temperature at 102°F. 


Earlier Thursday, Germany set their all-time record at 106°. Its previous record was set just Wednesday afternoon. Belgium had a similar scenario, breaking their day-old record at a high of 105° Thursday afternoon.

In Paris, the high rose to an all-time record of 107° fact, tourists and residents in Paris flocked to fountains (free of charge) in front of the Eiffel Tower to keep cool. 

The Met Office in the United Kingdom is forecasting record heat for southeast England Thursday as well.

Temperatures, as of 8:40 a.m. our time Thursday, have already reached into the 90s in London, Birmingham and Cambridge. 

Meanwhile, it's cooler than usual here at home. An area of low pressure over eastern Canada has allowed the jet stream to drop south.


This suppresses any big-time heat for the time being.

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