Perseid meteor shower peaking in a few days

Not quite as vibrant as most years, thanks to moonlight


ROANOKE, Va. – Every August, sky-watchers look forward to the Perseid meteor shower. In some years, this particular shower can produce 50-100 shooting stars per hour. 

This year, however, there is one caveat. The moon will be entering its full phase next week. This means there will be quite a bit of moonlight interfering with the shower right when it's supposed to peak (Aug. 11 to Aug 13).

That's why it might actually be best to look out for some meteors Thursday night through Sunday night.


The moon will be setting about an hour or two after midnight Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. So if you don't mind staying up that late, that's when it will be a good time to check things out.

You'll want to avoid city lights. Find a dark spot, and also search for some patience. It takes a while for your eyes to adjust. Look northeast, and hopefully you'll see a few shooting stars streak across the sky. 

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