Storm system east of Florida has high chance of becoming tropical; what it means for us

Storm could form off east coast with indirect impact here at home


ROANOKE, Va. – Late August and September is the time when the tropics tend to become most active. We've only had three named storms so far this year, but we could add one more to the list in the coming days. If it gets a name, it would be Dorian.

Name or not, here's what this system means for us and for others along the East Coast.

A system off the East Coast of Florida has a 70% (high) chance of becoming a tropical storm in the next five days, as of a Friday morning update from the National Hurricane Center. 

As this storm moves into the Gulf Stream (narrow strip of warm water off the coast), it will likely become more organized. While it will likely mean more showers and storms and an increase rip current up and down the East Coast, it will have a loose connection to our weather here. 

The wind around this system, along with mostly the wind around high pressure to our north, will reinforce some cooler air and clouds for the weekend. 


Highs only manage to get into the low-to-mid 70s, after what has been an exceptionally hot August (especially for Blacksburg and Roanoke). 


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