Tropical Storm Dorian sets sights on Caribbean; future beyond uncertain

Dorian forecast to become a hurricane in the coming days


ROANOKE, Va. – As of Monday morning, Dorian is still a tropical storm working its way toward the Lesser Antilles. It is a compact storm, becoming more organized and will likely become a Category 1 hurricane by Tuesday evening once it is passed the Lesser Antilles. 

From there, it will head toward Puerto Rico and Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti). This is where the forecast becomes a tad tricky.

If the center of Dorian moves over the 10,000-foot mountains of Dominican Republic, it may very well get torn up. However, if the small storm's center can stay north of the rugged terrain - it may stay a tropical storm as it heads toward the Bahamas.


After that, the exact path it could take toward the U.S. is in question. It's too early to speculate what kind of impact we could face.


We will say, however, that if this storm can survive past Hispaniola - it would likely be a Labor Day event somewhere between Florida and South Carolina. 

If we, in Virginia, were to face any remnant impact from the storm, it wouldn't be until after Labor Day.

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