Tropical Storm Dorian continues to strengthen; major hurricane possible

Expected to make landfall this weekend


ROANOKE, Va. – UPDATE: Dorian is now a Category 1 Hurricane.

Tropical Storm Dorian is currently making its way towards the U.S. and British Virgin Islands and is expected to bring hurricane-like conditions to those areas later today.

Heavy rainfall and storm surge is also likely to impact Puerto Rico later today, which will likely lead to flash flooding over several days.


As Dorian continues to strengthen, it is projected to become a category 1 hurricane later Wednesday and is expected to make landfall in Florida as a major hurricane (category 3 or higher).

There is still some wiggle room as to where exactly this storm makes landfall, and here's why:

If the upper level winds (jet stream) can drop south and grab Dorian, the storm could move up the East Coast Monday and Tuesday.


If the jet stream stays far enough to the north and closer to our area, then it wouldn't be able to grab Dorian and pull it north.


While it is still not clear who will be affected as Dorian makes landfall this weekend, residents and vacationers from Florida to North Carolina are urged to stay aware and begin preparing.

In either case, it appears unlikely that we would see direct impacts like we did during Florence and Michael last year. Still keep checking back for updates on this part of the forecast. 

Right now, Sunday and Labor Day hold the chance for a few passing showers. Highs in our area should range between 79 and 85°.

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