Dorian to have minimal impact on our weather Thursday, Friday

Not as warm, more humid, cloudier and breezier through Friday morning


ROANOKE, Va. – All things considered, we are very fortunate to not be feeling the major effects of Hurricane Dorian. While many of us need some rain, this may just be a better outcome than what we dealt with last year in Florence and Michael. 

The effects that we will feel are fairly indirect, but nonetheless are important to talk about. 


As Dorian works its way up the coast, the wind will start to increase. This is nothing extreme for us. Sustained winds Thursday afternoon through Friday evening will be anywhere from 10-20 mph. Gusts in Lynchburg and Southside may reach 30-40 mph Thursday night and Friday morning, with peak gusts the next two days west of that point at 20-30 mph.

Any showers Thursday afternoon will be spotty and closest to the mountains. Outer rain bands from Dorian may extend into Southside and Lynchburg after sunset and into Friday morning. Flooding is not a concern, as we only expect 0.25" of rain or less. 


Waking up Thursday morning, you can feel and see a difference in the air. It's more humid, and there are more clouds. Dorian is a big storm, and its clouds reach hundreds of miles away from the eye. We'll see more clouds and, thanks to the aforementioned breeze, a drop in temperatures. In fact, we should be roughly 15° cooler Thursday than we were Wednesday. 


In an article we posted Wednesday, we told you how the drop in barometric pressure may impact those who suffer from conditions like migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. The drop in pressure late Thursday and Friday will cause fluids in our joints to expand. This may cause additional discomfort for some of you. If you've been feeling that the past few days, it's more than likely not due to the incoming storm. Our air pressure has been pretty high recently. 


While we don't anticipate the crushing blow that the Bahamas saw earlier this week, Dorian will be a significant storm from Savannah to Virginia Beach. Flash flooding, coastal storm surge and damaging wind gusts are all on the table through Friday for areas shaded in red. If you have family in places like Raleigh or Columbia, SC, they have the chance for localized flooding and gusty wind. However, the impact won't be as high as their neighbors to the east. Farther west toward Richmond, Greensboro, Charlotte and Greenville/Spartanburg, they're pretty much in our boat. They'll be gusty at times, with a few passing showers. Overall, this won't be a huge blow to their area.

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